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"There is a strong correlation between chiropractic adjustment and the resolution of otitis media for the children in this study, which can serve as a starting point…"

By the age of three, over two thirds of all children have had one or more episodes of otitis media or middle ear infection. There are numerous problems with antibiotic usage for children with ear infections such as: allergic reactions, GI upset, destruction of the gut’s intestinal flora leading to yeast proliferation and antibiotic resistance. Tubes in the ears have a 98% recurrence of infection within two months while 25% of those with tubes suffer from hearing loss years later.

Research Reference: "Chiropractic Care of 401 Children with Otitis Media: A Pilot Study". Found in the March 1998 edition of Alternative Therapies and authored by Fallon and Edelman.


57 patients, 6 months to 6 years old with 3 episodes of acute otitis media (AOM) in the previous 6 months, or 4 in the previous year were placed randomly into 2 groups: one receiving routine pediatric care (32), the other receiving routine care plus… manipulative treatment (25).

The patients receiving manipulation had fewer episodes of AOM, fewer surgical procedures, and more surgery-free months and more normal tympanograms. No adverse reactions were reported.

This study suggests that… manipulations may prevent or decrease surgical intervention or antibiotic overuse with children with AOM.

The use of osteopathic manipulative treatment as adjuvant therapy in children with recurrent acute otitis media, Mills, MV; Henley, CE, Barnes, LLB et al. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med. 2003;157:861-866.


A baby boy, age 6 months, was scheduled for surgical insertion of ear tubes. He was evaluated and adjusted in the upper cervical spine. His ear infection completely cleared up by the next day. Tubes were never inserted.

The management of acute otitis media using SOT and SOT cranial. Hochman, J. Sorsi Communicator Vol 14 No. 2 July 2001..


This is the study of a 5 year-old male who had recurring ear infections every three to six weeks for the previous two years. He had been on antibiotic therapy. The child began chiropractic care and for the next six month period had only one infection.

Case study: chiropractic results with a child with recurring otitis media accompanied by effusion. Peet, JB Chiropractic Pediatrics, 1996;2:8-10.


This child had chronic ear effusion infections since birth, which continued regularly until 12 months of age. After 8 weeks of chiropractic care the child had not experienced an ear infection for one month and had not had any drugs or antibiotics. Improvements in personality and behavior were also noted.

Irritable child with chronic ear effusion/infections responds to chiropractic care. Thomas D. Chiropractic Pediatrics 1997; 3(2) 13-14.


The authors found that pediatric patients at Western States Chiropractic College public clinic commonly had ordinary complaints of ear-infection, sinus problems, allergy, bedwetting, respiratory problems, and gastro-intestinal problems. Complete or substantial improvement was noted in 61.6% of pediatric patients of their chief complaint, 60.6% received "maximum" level of improvement while 56.7% of adult patients received "maximum" level of improvement.

Characteristics of 217 children attending a chiropractic college teaching clinic. Nyiendo J. Olsen E. J Manipulative Physiol Ther, 1988; 11(2):78084.


The author presents a case series of five patients (ages 0 to 5) with chronic otitis media who had previously been under regular medical pediatric care for this condition for at least six months without resolution. These children all underwent a program of chiropractic case management, including specific spinal adjustments, and responded to care from 3 days to 8 weeks.

All patients had excellent outcomes with no residual morbidity or complications.

Chronic recurrent otitis media: case series of five patients with recommendations for case management. Fysh PN, Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics 1996 1(2):66-78.


This is the case of an 18-month-old boy suffering from recurring tonsillitis, frequent enteritis, and therapy resistant conjunctivitis. He also suffered from colds, rhinitis, ear infections and sleep disturbances.

"Immediately after (spinal adjustment), the child demanded to be put to bed and for the first time slept peacefully to the next morning. Previously disturbed appetite normalized completely. Conjunctivitis cleared completely."

The atlas fixation syndrome in the baby and infant. Gutmann G. Manuelle Medizin 1987 25:5-10, Trans. Peters RE.


In this study 200 pediatricians and 200 chiropractors were interviewed and asked about their children’s health. More than 80% of the medical children suffered from at least one bout of otitis media while only 31% of the chiropractic children were so reported.

A comparative study of the health status of children raised under the health care models of chiropractic and allopathic medicine. Van Breda, Wendy M. and Juan M. Journal of Chiropractic Research Summer 1989.

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